About us

Train Oasis all started when I (James the founder of Train Oasis) was looking for a family train set.  I had a train set growing up and I cherished the memories from those days.   With three small kids of my own, I was looking for a train set that my own kids would enjoy and cherish as they got older.

As I was digesting what sets I may want to consider for purchasing...there was an estate sale a few doors down and through that sale I acquired 3 HO Scale train sets for a pretty good price. One was a Bachmann Snow Village set (shown above) and a couple others....along with a bunch of additional train cars and accessories.   Some were in the original boxes, but some were just loose and the original boxes weren't securing the train engines or cars the way I'd like.   So, I recognized the problem of not having a good way to store this new wealth of trains.

Then....to drive it home....on a visit back to my home, my mother asked me if I wanted anything in her home to take back with me....and the thing that was top of mind was the old family train set.   It was an old Lionel O Scale set that I played with as a kid.  Then, out of nowhere just a month or so later....my Aunt from Pennsylvania called me up and told me she was sending me a train set that she had purchased since my Grandfather had frequented train shows with her as a child.  So....I went from having zero train sets to 5 train sets within just a few months.

Well, I wasn't done:)   I liked some of the new options for controlling the train with the app which allowed my 2 year old child to control the train...but with the momentum/speed controls....there wouldn't be the risk of him derailing the train.   So....I bought my 6th set (we're done....for now).

With all of these new sets, most of which didn't have boxes....I was challenged with how to ensure the trains were stored securely and safely and would last for me to hand down to my own children.  As I was looking for options on the market...I really didn't see anything out there....so being a small business owner already, I wanted to solve the problem for myself and for other train enthusiasts as well.

I hope we can service you well and feel free to contact us if there is anything we can do for you.